Monday, August 26, 2019

Barryvox S and Barryvox Firmware Upgrade - BarryHeart 3.2

Mammut develops and improves our products continuously, including our avalanche safety equipment. Our key focus is always making further improvements to reliability, functionality, and intuitive operation because simplicity and ease of use are essential when every second counts.

BarryHeart firmware upgrades are available now for both Barryvox and BarryvoxS devices.

How to access the new BarryHeart 3.2 firmware for Barryvox S and Barryvox

  1. Via a Device-to-Device update (info below)
  2. At a Service Center: global service-center locations
  3. At an Avalanche Safety Center: authorized-snow-safety-centers

The new firmware offers the following advantages:

simplified visual interface for guided fine search
(Barryvox S only)
more accurate measurements with an easier user interface
(Barryvox S only)
Better sound and more precise guidance using the analog tone when signal overlap or interference prevent use of standard mode
(Barryvox S only)
Longer battery life, especially in low temperatures

Smart Search
Simplified visual interface with animated search arrow for guided fine search. The intuitive instruction guides the rescuer quickly and precisely through the fine search and reduces the search time.

Barryvox S Pro Check
More accurate measurements with an optimized user interface for intuitive operation of the Pro Check. We especially recommend carrying out the Pro Check on older 1 and 2 antenna devices and, on avalanche transceivers that have not been checked by the manufacturer for some time. The Pro Check offers additional safety and helps to immediately identify any non-compliant avalanche transceiver that could reduce the effectiveness of a rescue.

Barryvox S alternative search mode (analog)
The Alternative Search Mode is an optional advanced function used mainly when signal overlap or interference prevents differentiation of multiple buried subjects in standard mode.Improved sound and better differentiation between analog tones allows more precise range and direction guidance in Alternative Search Mode

Battery Capacity Display

Longer battery life for the use of alkaline and lithium (Barryvox S only) batteries, especially in low temperatures.

Performance Boost

In addition, the BarryHeart 3.2 firmware optimizes the following functions of the Barryvox and Barryvox S:

  1.   Precision and speed of signal analysis, in particular when searching for older avalanche transceivers 
  2.   Stability of the marking function in the case of signal overlaps
  3.   More intuitive buried subject list: the nearest buried subject is now shown closest to the searcher on the burial list while the subject furthest away appears at the top

Device-to-Device Firmware Update 
This new function allows upgrades to the BarryHeart 3.2 firmware to be made from one device to another. This makes it possible to run the firmware upgrade even where there is no access to a network or service point - very easily from device to device.


  1. Both Barryvox devices have a battery capacity of over 30%.
  2.  Only one simultaneous upgrade is possible between two devices in the same building or within a      radius of 50 meters.
  3. Upgrade must take place between devices utilizing the same W-Link region (no device-to-device upgrade for devices purchased in Japan).
  4. Upgrade must take place between devices of the same model (2 BarryvoxS's or 2 Barryvox's), it cannot be done between a Barryvox and Barryvox S.  

Barryvox® S

  1. Power off both devices.
  2. Switch on the device with the most recent firmware. Under “Setting,” select the “Device-to-
    Device Update” function and press the main button on the front to confirm.
  3. Then follow the instructions on the display.

  1.   Power off both devices.
  2.   On the device with the most recent firmware, press and hold the main button on the front while at   the same time shifting the main switch from OFF to SEND. Hold the main button down until “UP” appears on the display.
  3.   The device is now ready for the transfer. (Press the main button if no update is to be carried out)
  4.   On the device to be updated, press and hold the main button while at the same time shifting the main switch from OFF to SEND. Release the main button after 2 seconds.
  5.   Installation of the firmware on the device will start and the progress will be shown on the top left of the display.


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