Friday, November 6, 2020

Safety check airbag Inflation System 3.0 Fall 2020

Mammut has stood for quality, safety, and innovation since 1862. We stand behind our premium product and will continue to make safety our highest priority. 

Mammut has identified a problem with a portion of the Removable Airbag System backpacks (RAS) manufactured for fall of 2020, where the cartridge cannot be screwed all the way into the inflation system. This component is integral to ensure the proper functioning of the Avalanche Safety equipment. 

Based on production batch testing, we have isolated the problem to one batch produced this season, from which only a very small number of airbags have been shipped in North America, 83 in total. Mammut is in the process of contacting every retailer and individual who has purchased an Airbag from this batch to physically check for the problem, and to provide a replacement where necessary. 

We are grateful to our community for your trust in us as a safety brand and are committed to ensuring you have the best products to enjoy your adventures.

If you are in North America please contact us at or by phone at 800.451.5127 9-4:30 EST with any queries.  Customers from other countries will find global contact information at the end of the instructions, below.

If you have a mammut airbag please immediately follow the instructions below to: 

1) verify if your pack could be affected and needs inspection

2) inspect your pack, and

3) contact Mammut if you have any questions or if your pack has a problem.

instructions below, or visit Mammut's global announcement here:  Link to inspection instructions at mammut website

1) Verify that your pack could be affected

In order to determine if your pack requires inspection, check the model and batch number. The only packs requiring inspection meet all 3 of the following criteria: