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Current Beacons and safety products

How to Choose between the Barryvox S and Barryvox

(NOTE: the extended reference guides contain additional info not included in the basic user manual which is included with the beacon)  Manuals for legacy transcievers (Opto 3000, Pulse Barryvox, Element Barryvox) are also here:
Download a User Manual (link)

Download the service software for fleet management (all models--make sure to scroll down to select the correct beacon-generation, either Barryvox S/Barryvox Maintenence Software, or Pulse/Element Service Software, SHOWN BY THE BEACON IMAGES)  Download the PC software here (link)

Application Safety Guide (pdf technical document for fleet managers and high-level users) (other language versions also available at LINK)

Warranty and Service Contact (click on "Barryvox service center" and find the USA & Canada) location)

Warranty Registration (click on "Barryvox Registration")

Avalanche safety and tour planning
Mammut Safety App
Mammut Youtube product channel contains many videos explaining the features and use of various products

Barryvox History

Northern Escape Heliskiing
Wildsnow first look at Barryvox S
Backcountry Magazine awards Barryvox S 2018 Editors Choice