Thursday, December 21, 2017

Tech tips: I accidentally changed the language of my Barryvox S--how do I switch it back?

Every once in a while we get a call from someone who accidentally switched the language of their transceiver or is borrowing one from someone who speaks a different language.  Both the Pulse and now the Barryvox S support a number of languages. If your transceiver is set to a language you don't speak, don't panic--it's simple to change it.
The Barryvox S supports English, French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Norwegian, Japanese, Slovenian, Polish, Czech and Russian

First, step-by-step instructions

Friday, December 8, 2017

Genswein Pro Avalanche Rescue Workshop

Over four days from November 26-30th of 2017, the greater Teton community of professional avalanche workers banded together to participate in an inter-agency professional avalanche rescue workshop led by Manuel Genswein from Saint Mortiz, Switzerland.

One hundred and twenty five (125) participants from eleven (11) organizations participated. Agencies included Teton County Search and Rescue, Jackson Hole Ski Patrol, Grand Targhee Ski Patrol, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort Guides, Exum Guides, Jackson Hole Mountain Guides, Bridger-Teton Avalanche Center, Tordrillo Mountain Lodge, American Avalanche Institute, GTNP Jenny Lake Rangers, and High Mountain Helicopter Skiing.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

A "virtual tour" of the new Barryvox S & Barryvox Transceivers

The new Barryvox and Barryvox S transceivers are slowly finding their way to many retailers.  Because they've been hard to find we're getting a lot of questions from people who want to see what they're all about.  These short videos give a quick overview of the function and feel of both the new Barryvox S and the new Barryvox and walk you through the basic functions of each beacon.

These videos are intended to give people a feel for the new beacon without having it in hand, and only include a "quick-start" on the basic functions. If you are an advanced user or want real instructions please make sure to check out the Barryvox S Extended Reference Guide or the Barryvox Extended Reference Guide for complete instructions.  This link is very helpful for those deciding between the two beacons.

Here's the video for the Barryvox S:

And, here's the video for the Barryvox: