Friday, November 6, 2020

Safety check airbag Inflation System 3.0 Fall 2020

Mammut has stood for quality, safety, and innovation since 1862. We stand behind our premium product and will continue to make safety our highest priority. 

Mammut has identified a problem with a portion of the Removable Airbag System backpacks (RAS) manufactured for fall of 2020, where the cartridge cannot be screwed all the way into the inflation system. This component is integral to ensure the proper functioning of the Avalanche Safety equipment. 

Based on production batch testing, we have isolated the problem to one batch produced this season, from which only a very small number of airbags have been shipped in North America, 83 in total. Mammut is in the process of contacting every retailer and individual who has purchased an Airbag from this batch to physically check for the problem, and to provide a replacement where necessary. 

We are grateful to our community for your trust in us as a safety brand and are committed to ensuring you have the best products to enjoy your adventures.

If you are in North America please contact us at or by phone at 800.451.5127 9-4:30 EST with any queries.  Customers from other countries will find global contact information at the end of the instructions, below.

If you have a mammut airbag please immediately follow the instructions below to: 

1) verify if your pack could be affected and needs inspection

2) inspect your pack, and

3) contact Mammut if you have any questions or if your pack has a problem.

instructions below, or visit Mammut's global announcement here:  Link to inspection instructions at mammut website

1) Verify that your pack could be affected

In order to determine if your pack requires inspection, check the model and batch number. The only packs requiring inspection meet all 3 of the following criteria:

  1. It is a 3.0 airbag system pack (older 2.0 systems are not affected), 
  2. it is one of the 10 sku's below 
  3. it is from batch# 2011.  (if it meets the above 2 requirements but you cannot find a batch #, then assume it does require further inspection)
All other models and batch numbers are not affected and do not require inspection beyond the normal pre-season checks we recommend for all packs.

The batch label is sewn into the zippered cartridge sleeve inside the pack--it may be inside or outside the sleeve.  You can see where to find the batch number in the images below.  (click on the images to expand)  If your pack is one of these sku's and it is from batch # 2011, then proceed to the 2nd step.  If you cannot find a batch number, then proceed to step #2. 

If your pack is not from the affected batch or it's a different sku, this is a great opportunity to do an early-season equipment check anyway as recommended in the user manual:  Link to user manual

The above photos show where to find the batch number and the sku number of your airbag backpack

2) Inspect your pack

To inspect your pack, simply screw the metal cartridge into the airbag system. It is not sufficient to use the plastic trigger test tool that came with the pack.  

If the cartridge screws in all the way so the metal collar if flush agsint the white plastic airbag mechanism, completely covering the rubber o-ring from view, then the pack is not affected by this problem and you can confidently use it.  Note: it is normal to encounter resistance when screwing it in, as you will be screwing it in against spring-pressure.  

If the cartridge cannot be screwed in all the way as indicated by the black rubber o-ring seal remaining visible, then the pack could have a problem and it must not be used--in this case Mammut will replace the pack free of any charge.  If necessary, please refer to the user instructions for help in installing the cartridge:  Link to user instructions RAS 3.0

If you believe your pack has a problem, or you are not comfortable inspecting the pack yourself, then please immediately cease using the pack and contact Mammut for a replacement.  

3) Contact Mammut
If you believe your pack has a problem, or if you are not comfortable inspecting your pack yourself, then please contact us immediately. The best contact is via email at .  Alternatively you can contact us via phone at 800.451.5127 9-4:30 Eastern time zone.  

Other Questions:
1. What can I do if I cannot check and repair the product on my own?
Please contact Mammut Customer Service. You can send the airbag to us free of charge and we
will test it.
2. What exactly is the problem and the security risk?
If the cartridge can not be correctly installed in the mechanism of the airbag inflation system, the
airbag balloon will NOT inflate correctly after deployment. Due to its incorrect function, the
airbag cannot effectively protect the user from partial burial or burial in the event of an
3. Has this installation problem led to any accidents?
This appeal for inspection is precautionary and we are not aware of any accidents. The
problem was discovered during a routine quality check.
4. Can my airbag system be permanently damaged by the installation error?
No - if the cartridge can be correctly screwed into the mechanism of the airbag inflation system,
the system will work properly. Mammut will replace airbag systems that have been incorrectly
installed with new airbag systems.
5. Is the installation problem only possible if the installation was carried out by Mammut,
or is it possible if I installed the system myself?
Routine checks identified occasional installation problems of the airbag inflation system in
Mammut's production plant. The error can be excluded if the cartridge can be screwed into the
airbag inflation system up to the stop and the black rubber sealing ring of the cartridge is no
longer visible.
6. Are avalanche airbags by the licensed brands Evoc, Dakine, Jones, Thule, Rip Curl and
Norrona also affected?
If you own an airbag backpack of a Mammut licensee brand, we ask you to check the airbag
system as well. The error can be excluded if the cartridge can be screwed into the airbag inflation
system up to the stop and the black rubber sealing ring of the cartridge is no longer visible.

If you have any further questions, please contact Mammut Customer Service for your country.


Mammut Sports Group GmbH

+49 8334 36 20 301

Switzerland and the rest of the world

Mammut Sports Group AG

+41 62 769 82 59

USA & Canada

Mammut Sports Group Inc.

+1 800 451 5127


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