Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Note on Use of the Supplementary Pro Check Feature in the Barryvox S

The supplementary “Pro Check” feature is an extension of the Barryvox S standard Group Check available only when the "Pro Search" function is activated.

Instructions for activating the Pro Check function are in the Barryvox S Extended Reference Guide (link).

This new feature is intended for guides and advanced users who want to see additional details of each transmitter within their group, as a tool to identify when the parameters of one transmitted signal might cause searching problems such as a higher incidence of signal overlap within the group. It is not a feature most rescuers should use every day and it is not considered a “critical check” like the standard Group Check feature. Specific guidance may be found on our previous blog post, HERE (link)

Recent reports indicate the Pro Check feature sometimes gives erroneous “out of tolerance” readings with some Backcountry Access (BCA) Avalanche Transceivers.

Mammut has verified that in rare situations the Pro Check in firmware version 3.0 can provide “out of tolerance” results for the pulse length on properly functioning transceivers. The software issue is limited to signals that are close to the minimum pulse length allowed by the transceiver standard ETSI 300718 and the inadequacy is more likely to occur in combination with unfavorable coupling positions.

Please note this is a software issue of the supplementary “Pro Check” feature that does NOT affect the functionality of the Barryvox S standard Group Check or the SEARCH and SEND Modes of the Barryvox S at all. There are NO restriction in the compatibility of the standard Group Check or the SEARCH and SEND Modes of the Barryvox S with any other Avalanche Transceiver which functions according to ETSI 300718. Barryvox S is in compliance with ETSI 300718 which is the global standard for safe avalanche transceivers.

To ensure compatibility of the Pro Check in the Barryvox S with all current avalanche transceivers, Mammut will provide a firmware upgrade for the Barryvox S in the Fall of 2019. Until the firmware upgrade for the Barryvox S is released, we advise our Barryvox S customers to only use the standard Group Check function of the Barryvox S in conjunction with BCA avalanche transceivers.

Summary: The reported error in the Pro Check function of the Barryvox S is specific to firmware version 3.0; an updated version 3.2 firmware will be published this fall to correct the problem. The issue has only been observed with BCA transceivers.

All other functions of the Barryvox S device, in particular the standard Group Check as well as all SEARCH and SEND related function are not affected, and users can have full confidence in using their Barryvox transceivers.

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