Thursday, October 4, 2018

NEW Firmware 3.0 Update Available for Barryvox S and Barryvox

The new 3.0 firmware for the Barryvox S and Barryvox transceivers is available now!
The update can be done at the Mammut Service center for your country, or at any participating Mammut retailer--a list is at the bottom of this post.  In the USA and Canada call 800-451-5127 or email .  A $35 fee applies to upgrades at the country service centers and most equipped retailers.

The 3.0 firmware for the new-generation Barryvox and Barryvox S introduces the following functions:

Device-to-device update:
The device-to-device update function allows Barryvox® users with 3.0 BarryHeart firmware already installed to share the new firmware with other Barryvox® users directly from beacon to beacon, similar to the way you would airdrop a photo from cell-phone to cell-phone.  You can view a video showing the device to device update on a standard-model Barryvox here:  LINK

Multiple performance-boosting features: The 3.0 BarryHeart software upgrade includes the following features, which apply to both the Barryvox S and the Barryvox unless specified.

  • Greater precision and speed of signal analysis
  • Improved stability of the marking function during signal overlaps
  • Optimized direction display after reception of the first signal results in fewer U-turn indications
  • Improved structure and stability of the list of buried subjects
  • Improved battery life display
  • Optimized interference resistance results in less interference from electronics (smartphones, headlamps, radios, smart watches, etc.) which will reduce false-positive signals when searching
  • Improved group check now allows checking groups larger than 15
  • “Send confirm” function for situations when space does not permit a full group check
  • Improved alternative search mode (only Barryvox S with Pro Search ON ) provides improved resolution of the analog tone while searching
  • "Pro-check" (only Barryvox S with Pro Search ON ) allows guides and group leaders to confirm transmitter frequency as well as pulse length and cycle duration to predict whether signal overlap is likely within a group.  More detail on Pro Check is at THIS LINK.

Here is a list of locations offering updates on the Barryvox S and Barryvox transcievers:
Above is a list of locations in North America offering updates for the new BarryvoxS and Barryvox transcievers.  Click on the image for a larger view!  As of October 1st some of these locations may not have received the hardware to perform this service yet, so best to call first and check in to see if they're up and running and get details.  

Please note that the older Element and Pulse w-link and tester are not able to perform software updates on the new generation Barryvox and BarryvoxS.  We'll update this post on an ongoing basis to reflect a current list of retailers who have update capability for the new-generation Barryvox transceivers.  


  1. My Barryvox S is having trouble picking up signals of Tracker2s. When I condict a search for a Tracker2, sometimes my Barryvox S picks up the signal when it should, and sometimes it doesn’t. Even when I end up standing right on top of the buried Tracker2, which I buried, so I know it’s there. When I replace the buried transceiver with a Tracker3, my Barryvox S picks it up in the expected proximity. I upgraded last season from the Element because my Element was having issues picking up Tracker2 signals. I’m a professional, so I find this really disconcerting. I haven’t yet done the 3.0 firmware upgrade, but am seriously thinking about switching brands, because these intermittent issues are pretty unnerving. I search with my mobile phone turned off or left behind, but I do have a radio harness with radio on.

    1. Assuming your beacon isnt damaged and the tracker isnt damaged, there is nothing that would cause your beacon to have any issue picking up that signal--if you are having trouble picking up a signal we would need significantly more info to help you troubleshoot what is causing it, please give us a call if you want to figure out what is going on. Generally when this happens it is during a multiple burial exercise and is caused by signal overlap or by picking up a second signal first due to coupling and yoru beacon sending you past the tracker on the way to the other signal. Give me a call and I can help you troubleshoot. 800-451-5127 mon-fri 9-5pm EST, ask for Dave

    2. You might also check out this blog post on the Pro Check feature that is int he Barryvox S--there is some information here that is probably relevant to what you are experiencing. Again, give us a call if you have questions.

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