Tuesday, August 21, 2018

NEW Service Tools for fleet management and firmware upgrade, Fall-season 2018

Barryvox PC- Service Tools season Fall-Winter 18-19
With its Barryvox PC-fleet management Software, Mammut offers a complete avalanche equipment program to support the professional use of Barryvox avalanche transceivers. read more about the fleet management HERE (link).  This PC-Software provides organizations and retailers with efficient fleet management as a tool to provide better risk management and a higher level of customer service.  For more information please contact Mammut Customer Service at 800-451-5127 or info@Mammutusa.com .

Barryvox Service Tools are available in Fall of 2018.  The W-link Stick 2.0 will be available beginning in September, and the Tester 2.0 beginning later in the fall.

·         W-Link Stick 2.0 is a handy USB adapter allowing organizations and retailers to conduct efficient fleet management as part of a risk management protocol especially for rental transceivers or for frequent firmware upgrades.

·         Tester 2.0  offers a comprehensive functional test in addition to the functions provided by the W-Link Stick 2.0. It measures and records
all safety-relevant parameters and is a definitive reference on whether a transceiver is functioning properly. This makes it ideal for organizations and rental companies who want optimized Barryvox maintenance, especially within a shortened peak-season.

Barryvox PC-Software
The fleet-management devices above operate using the latest version of Barryvox PC-software, available as a free download.  
(Link below.  Note use and installation of the PC-software requires one of the above fleet management tools)

Thanks to this Windows program, multiple Barryvox devices can be simultaneously worked with, which ensures efficient management.
·         BarryvoxS and PULSE Barryvox  full configuration, customization, software updates and individual start-up screens can be uploaded onto the Barryvox S or Pulse via a mouse click and wireless interface.

·         Barryvox and ELEMENT Barryvox  Software upgrades can be downloaded onto the Barryvox via a mouse click and wireless interface.

PC-Software Versions
The appropriate Barryvox PC-Software is available as a free download on the Mammut website at this link.  (Scroll all the way down the page for the links in red text)  Note that each generation of Barryvox beacons requires a DIFFERENT PC-Software program--you'll need to install both programs if you want to work with both generations of beacons.  At the download page below and on your computer screen images of the beacons themselves show which is the appropriate version.
  • Barryvox Maintenance Software is for the Barryvox S and Barryvox.
  • Barryvox Service Software is for the PULSE Barryvox and ELEMENT Barryvox. 

Since the new-generation Barryvox's have different requirements than the previous Pulse and Element models, below is a compatibility chart to assist in making sure you have the correct equipment to meet your needs.  For questions or to acquire the service tools for your organization, please contact us at Mammutavalanchesafety@gmail.com or info@mammutusa.com.  

Click on the chart to see a larger version

When you install the new Barryvox Maintenance Software, fleet operators who will need to lock out functions so that guests or guides cannot alter the user settings will need to get a LICENSE key.  This code will program your software to allow this functionality.  Retail stores providing firmware updates or rentals who do not need this function can use the out-of-the-box basic version.  

To request a license key follow this procedure:
  1. Go to the download link above and download the maintenance software.  Install the program, making sure to follow the screen prompts exactly.  
  2. Start the application, and go to the HELP menu in the upper left corner.
  4. Copy the UID code and paste it into an email.  
  5. Address the email to info@mammutusa.com with "barryvox wlink license key needed" in the subject.  Paste in the UID code, your organization name, your name and contact info in case we have questions, and a generic email address that we can reach someone at your organization ("info@...", etc. This is so years from now we have someone to contact if someone else is managing the fleet)
  6. We'll respond with a license code.  Generally we will turn these around the next business day, but occasionally it may take longer.  Please anticipate this turnaround when budgeting time to set up your fleet management PC-software.  
  7. If you have questions or run into problems please contact us


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  2. Dear Mammut,

    I bought a Barrvox and a BarrvoxS from US and now I live in Taiwan and use those devices in Japan most of time.

    I want to update the firmware of both devices.. can I do it in tokyo Japan?



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