Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Mammut airbag cylinders available in Japan!

Mammut airbag cylinders are now available in Japan!  The Mammut carbon cylinder, a lightweight version that is also available in Europe, has recently been certified by the Japanese government and will be sold and can be rented in Japan for visiting riders.  This is great news for anyone who wants to visit this destination with their Mammut airbag.

The North American refillable cylinder still can not be sold or refilled in Japan, so US riders who can't fly with a full cartridge under the IATA guidelines the way the rest of the world can, have two options:  1) Fly with their fully disassembled cylinder and a Hill MK4 high-pressure hand-pump so they can fill it at their destination, or 2) buy or rent a cylinder in Japan.

The Japanese and European carbon cylinders are completely interchangeable with the North American refillable cylinders--even though they are smaller, they contain the same amount of air under a higher pressure and either cylinder will work in your Mammut airbag, so if you travel there you can rest easy that you are using the correct cylinder for your pack.

A number of retailers in Hakuba, Hokkaido, Nagano, Tokyo and elsewhere are already stocking cylinders and airbags.  At the moment this is the list of retailers we have that are stocking Mammut airbag cylinders for purchase--it's probably a good idea to call ahead to make sure they have availability.

  • MAMMUT STORE  Sapporo Fuctory Sappro factory 2 joukan 3F, Kita 2 higashi4, Chuoku, Sapporo 011-112-5900 Hokkaido
  • MAMMUT STORE IKEUCHI Ikeuchi Gate 4F, Minami 1 jou nishi 2-18, Chuo-ku, Sapporo 011-281-6203 Hokkaido
  • Hakuba Yamatoya 6350 Houjou, Hakubamura, Kitaazumigun, 0261-72-2200 Nagano
  • Shugakusou Kitadai Kita 12 jou, nishi 3, kita-ku, Sapporo 011-726-1235 Hokkaido
  • Shugakuso Shiroishi Hondori 1, minami 2, Shiroishi-ku, Sapporo 011-860-1111 Hokkaido
  • Shugakuso Asahikawa Chuwa 5 jou, 4cho-me, Asahikawa 0166-61-1930 Hokkaido
  • Paddle Club Sapporo Oyaji-nishi 1-2, Atsubetsu-ku, Sapporo 011-890-8777 Hokkaido
  • ICI Ishii sports Akita Goshonomotomachi1-1-15, Akita 018-892-7291 Akita
  • ICI Ishii Sports Sapporo Kita11 jou nishi15-29-3, Chuo-ku, Sapporo 011-726-2288 Hokkaido
  • ICI Ishii Sports Kanda Kanda-ogawamachi 3-10, Chiyoda-ku, 03-6439-1511 Tokyo
  • Blue Cliff Hakuba-chou 7077-1, Kitashiro, Hakubamura, Kita-azumino 0261-72-8557 Nagano
  • Rappy Houjou397, Hakubamura, Kitaazumi 0261-72-7550 Nagano
  • Translation Nadia Sakae 3-18-1-B1F, Naka-ku, Nagoya 052-251-3939 Aichi
  • Niseco Adventure Center(NAC) Yamada 179-53, Kuchancho, Abuta-gun   Hokkaido phone +81 136-23-2093(updated from comments section)

Also, Mammut Japan is opening a larger rental network so visitors have easy access with their safety gear.  Language is a significant barrier to offering better rental availability, so we've listed the best options below, plus a contact at Mammut Japan who can help people find a rental. 

Rapie Sport Shop

Hakuba Powder Lodge

Elsewhere in Japan:
Contact Mr. Horimatsu San at Mammut Japan, who can help direct you to a rental.  He can be reached via email at thorimatsu@mammut.jp

We'll keep this post updated through the season as the options for travelers increase--at the moment this list contains all of the info we have.


  1. Hi, just wondering if you have any cylinder rental places in Niseko. Please let me know.

  2. I also want to rent in Niseko next week.

  3. I've updated the post with all of the info we have. If any other info becomes available I'll update as necessary.

  4. Just a heads up that the NAC location (Niseco Adventure Center (NAC) Yamada 179-53, Kuchancho, Abuta-gun Hokkaido) listed on your website as having Mammut avy canisters for sale/rent is denying that they have them.- 1/17/17

  5. Thank you very much for the heads-up Kevin--our head office gave us this location from the Japanese distributor, and I don't know if it's a timing thing or they've sold out, got the wrong person on the phone, etc...I think there are likely to be some issues like this through the season, so I would encourage people to continue calling ahead.

  6. Update re: NAC in Niseko. They now have the Carbon Fiber (European) non-refillable canisters available. No rental, but you can purchase a pre-filled canister.

  7. It would be really great if there was somewhere to rent snowpulse canisters in Niseko. Are there plans for this?

  8. Yes, Mammut in Japan is working on this. We don't personally have anything to do with Japan so it's not something we can effect ourselves but it's a priority for sure.

  9. Anyone have email contact on a rental option for cannisters in Japan?

  10. Mammut in Japan has been having trouble getting a rental network going due to perceived liablity there. However, there are already cartridges in Japan specifically for rental locations, so I would contact the Japanese head office at info@mammut.jp and let them know what you are looking for.

  11. updated Feb 7th 2018 with several rental locations

  12. Is there an updated list for 3.0 cartridge rental/purchase in the Niseko area?

  13. Not that I have. You can always email the Japanese mammmut organization to get current info at info@mammut.jp

  14. Rhythm Summit in Niseko will carry the Mammut cylinder available for rent and purchase

    1. Incorrect. Just checked last night and they said not anymore.

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