Saturday, February 1, 2014

Mammut You Tube Instructional Videos

If you own or use any of Mammut's avalanche safety products, you should become familiar with Mammut's You Tube channel, which is full of many instructional videos: Mammut Avalanche Safety You Tube.

Today, I would like to highlight the videos which demonstrate the proper use, re-packaging, and removal of the Protection Airbag System (PAS) and Removable Airbag Systems (RAS).

If you already own or are thinking of purchasing a Mammut PAS or RAS airbag, please watch these short videos to ensure proper use of your airbag system.

PAS Videos:

PAS Quick Start Video

PAS Using Again

Removing PAS Airbag System

RAS Videos:

RAS Quick Start

RAS Using Again

Removing RAS

PAS/RAS Cartridge Re-Fill:

Cartridge Re-Fill


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