Tuesday, October 1, 2013

NEW Pulse 4.0 Firmware Update: "Intelligent Search"

A new, optional, update is available for the Mammut PULSE Barryvox that will greatly optimize efficiency in the Fine Search mode. The goal of the update is to ensure that users have properly found the lowest point in the grid before probing. 

Check out the attached video as it explains it quite well:

Firmware 4.0 is now available on new PULSE Barryvox beacons.  Firmware version 4.0 is only for the PULSE Barryvox, the original ELEMENT Barryvox beacon firmware is still current.  The upgrade for older-model PULSE Barryvox beacons is NOW AVAILABLE.  To find a beacon upgrade location, select the “PULSE Barryvox firmware update” checkbox in the lower-right corner of the Mammut dealer search tool here:  http://www.mammut.ch/en/apps/storeLocator.html

Until this season, the Pulse Barryvox beacon was running firmware version 3.2, the new version for fall 13 is firmware 4.0.  All of the Pulse Barryvox beacons Mammut has shipped this Fall come installed with 4.0.  Owners of a PULSE Barryvox beacon who are not sure what version they are running can see this on the beacon—on startup, the screen will flash the firmware version in the lower right corner (older beacons that do not flash a firmware version are just that—older versions that can be updated).  All Pulse beacons can be upgraded to the new firmware.  This firmware is for new features and additional usability, it is not designed to correct anything so it is not “required”—if people don’t want it, they don’t need it. 

The service software is the program that upgrade locations and fleet managers use to install the new firmware in a beacon.  The service software is installed on a computer and uses w-link hardware to connect to a beacon and perform the installation or fleet-management functions.  There will be a new service software version available in mid-October 2013 that can install version 4.0, the current version will not perform this update.  This is a free download from the Mammut website the same as in past years.  We’ll also have a post here when this is available.

The new Firmware 4.0 contains three new features:
·         "Intelligent" search and probing indication  The fine search is where most users, especially beginner-intermediate users, spend most of their time in a search.  The "intelligent" fine search and probe indication walks the user through the fine search using a series of directional arrows, culminating in a “probe here” icon.  This video is the easiest way to show what this feature does:  Intelligent Search video  (Takes you to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pnEdjuzvhRo )
·         Expanded first signal display  The expanded first signal display allows users to transition from signal search to coarse search earlier, which reduces both the area to be searched and the time spent searching on the avalanche site.
·         Optimized direction display Thanks to the optimized direction display, the search arrow on the PULSE Barryvox® display is updated even more quickly using the integrated digital compass. This results in better and smoother direction indications and optimum directional guidance.


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