Thursday, May 9, 2013

3-year service reminder for users of Barryvox Testers

Maintenance Service for your Barryvox Tester
The following document gives a short overview about the Maintenance Service recommendations for the Barryvox Tester, which is a fleet-management tool used by organizations who maintain a large fleet of Pulse Barryvox or Element Barryvox beacons.  This does NOT apply to the w-link adaptor fleet management and firmware update tool, only the full tester. 

Every three [3] years a maintenance check for the product is required to guarantee all necessary
settings in the device, such as the antenna setup and calibration.  You will find the next maintenance date in the upper left corner of a test report under “test system”. 

Please keep in mind
The best time for a Tester Maintenance Check is during summer to have the Tester back in time before the
season starts, since turnaround time is up to 4 weeks or more.

Maintenance Service Facts
·         Adaxys charges 300 Swiss francs plus shipping
·          Approximate turnaround time is 4 Weeks
·          The Tester must be well-padded and securely packaged
·          Make sure to include the Barryvox Golden Device
How to arrange for a maintenance check
·          Please call or email ahead to arrange service  Please put “Barryvox Tester 3-year service” in the subject
·           You may arrange this directly with Adaxys, or through Mammut
·           Adaxys will charge you directly for the maintenance

Payment information
You will need to provide the following bank info for Adaxys to charge you:
Account Holder Name, Address, Postal Code/zip, City and Country,
Bank Name, Bank Address, Bank Postal Code/ City, Country, Account Number, IBAN Number,
Swift/BIC-Code and Clearing Number

Adaxys Contact info and Shipping Address
Contact: Erwin Meister
Phone +41 (0) 55 451 78 95
Mammut Contact for tester service:
Dave Furman
Phone (800) 451-5127

Alpenblickstrasse 26
CH-8853 Lachen

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