Friday, January 4, 2013

Airbag Cartridge Refill Instructions and Parts List and Diagram

A new detailed set of refill instructions is now available that should serve as an aid to both users and refill locations.  These instructions are very detailed in an effort to address common questions.  Instructions can be found here:  CLICK HERE FOR REFILL INSTRUCTIONS.

When talking about various parts on the airbag cartridges, it's a heck of a lot easier if we all use the same name for each part!  The link also has an exploded parts diagram.


  1. Hi, i'm in Australia and heading for airbag to New Zealand and need to refill our cartridge its a european cartridge. the link on this page does not work can you advise me how to do this? lachlan

    1. Lachlan, sorry we just saw this comment. If we can help drop a line to us at, just know that we are focused on North America, if you need information like this outside the US and Canada the best bet is to contact Mammut through the Contact form at is located under the "services" menu at the bottom of the home page.