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How to tell Old Snowpulse cartridges apart from new Mammut ones

In the Summer of 2011 Mammut purchased the Swiss airbag manufacturer Snowpulse.  Snowpulse is still it's own brand with a separate line of airbags from Mammut, even though we use and share some of the same technology.  Last winter Snowpulse issued a recall for all of the air cartridges used in their airbag packs during the production years of 2008 through 2011.  The US Consumer Protection Safety Commission and Health Canada jointly issued an official release of this same recall on August 30th, 2012. 

Snowpulse Airbag Cartridge recall
We have recieved numerous calls from Mammut customers wondering if their airbag cartridges are affected by this recall--NO Mammut products are affected by this recall.  The RAS Removeable Airbag System used by both Mammut and Snowpulse uses the new "version 2.0" inflation system utilising a different cartridge, which is not affected by this recall.  The older "Version 1.0 Inflation System" is the one that is recalled.  Information to aid in identifying whether a Snowpusle cartridge is Version 1.0 (recalled) or Version 2.0 (not recalled) can be found below.

How to tell Inflation system 1.0 cartridges from Inflation system 2.0 cartridges Inflation system 1.0: A pin inside a threaded fitting on the side of the cartridge is pulled during triggering to release air:      
- This system was only available from the 2008 through 2011 seasons  
- All cartridges (both the North American 207 bar and European 300 bar) have a dial pressure gauge that shows whether they are full or not=>
     - Gauges with an (A) on them: The pressure gauge has already been replaced
     - Gauges without (A): The pressure gauge must be replaced. Contact Snowpulse.

Below are two photos of Snowpulse Version 1.0 Cartridges that are recalled.  Note the threaded fitting on the side of the cartridge with the pin in it, opposite the refill nipple.  This fitting is what the trigger mechanism screws onto.  The yellow caps are to protect the threads when not in use and will not be present if the cartridge is installed on a pack.  If you have a Snowpulse cartridge with these identifying features, and it does not have an "A" on the gauge, it should be replaced under the recall.


Inflation system 2.0: A brass-colored burst disc visible on top of the cartridge is perforated to release the air when triggered.
- This system was available beginning in the Fall of 2011 for the Winter 11-12 season and is now used by both Mammut and Snowpulse
- All North American 207 bar cartridges have a dial pressure gauge (manometer). Some 300 bar cartridges have a gauge. Some pressure gauges have a (B) on them. All inflation-system 2.0 cartridges are OK to use.

Below are 2 images of a Mammut or Snowpulse Version 2.0 cartridge.  This is NOT recalled.  This cartridge may or may not have a dial gauge.  The threaded top of the cartridge screws directly to the trigger mechanism.  It may have a metal protective cover when not in use.  On the top of the cartridge the brass-colored burst-disc is clearly visible. 

Airbag retailers or filling stations may want to print out this color poster to let customers know of the recall:

For questions or to arrange a replacement for a recalled cartridge, contact:

In the US:
Mammut Sports Group
135 Northside Dr.
Shelburne, VT 05482
(800) 451-5127

In Canada:
Mountain Sports Distribution
#101-806 9th St. N
Golden, BC V0A 1H2
(250) 344-5060

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