Thursday, March 7, 2013

The real-world effectiveness of airbags

Bruce Tremper has written a great article on the Utah Avalanche Center blog about the "real-world" effectiveness of avalanche airbags.  "How effective is an avalanche airbag" is a question I get asked all the time at events and trade shows.  When Mammut began working with airbags a few years ago we were uncomfortable talking about the "97%" that was touted so much, so it's great to see Pascal Haegeli's work and this piece discuss the real-world effectiveness--which in my opinion is quite good!  As Bruce here says himself:  " So, it seems that in real-world experience, wearing an avalanche airbag will possibly save a little more than half of those who would have otherwise died.
At least from my perspective, saving half of avalanche fatalities is pretty darn good.  Avalanche airbags are the best technology we have seen come along including the beacon..." 

Check out the full article here:  Link to Utah Avalanche Center blog post


  1. I've worn the RAS 30, RAS 30 ultralight, and the RAS 45...and digging 'em! Thanks Mammut!

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