Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Pro Check in the Barryvox S

The Pro Check feature is an extension of the Barryvox S Group Check that is available only when the "Pro Search" capability is activated.  Instructions for activating the Pro Check function are in the Barryvox S Extended Reference Guide.(link).  This new feature is intended for guides and advanced users to have visibility of all the relevant parameters of each transmitter within their group, as a tool to identify when the parameters of one transmitted signal might cause searching problems such as shortened range or a higher incidence of signal overlap within the group. It's not something most rescuers should use every day and it is not considered a “critical check” like the group check.
The Pro check is an additional option available in the Pro Settings of the Barryvox S.  It tests all parameters of the transmitted signal of another transceiver to identify a signal that might be out of tolerance or cause problems during a search.  The parameters shown are that of a new Barryvox transceiver and represent an ideal signal because: 1) the frequency is within the norm requirements, 2) the period is relatively long which reduces overlap; 3) the pulse is very short, which reduces overlap, and 4) the pulse is slightly above the required minimum in order to provide plenty of time for a searching transceiver to measure the signal for accurate distance and direction.

Most guides and professionals would use Pro Check with an unfamiliar group of transceivers once at the beginning of a trip to get a better quantified (rather than qualified) idea of  the signals within the group and how they may react with each other, or to help diagnose what’s causing a problem during a practice search.